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NUTFAH April 22, 2009

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salah satu media komunikasi kader HMI Komfak Kehutanan UGM adalah bulletin NUTFAH. Silahkan download Nutfah edisi terbaru berikut ini : nutfah2


Once Upon A Wedding Maret 11, 2009

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It’s inspired from what a friend of mine ever said, “Why should ALL my female friends get married to the seniors?”


Once Upon A Wedding

By Rantichan


“HELLO! Anyone’s there?!”

A blank stare.

“Knock knock!”

The reaction was only a slight of turning head and a glance before it came back to a blank point somewhere on the ceiling.

“Okay, I give up. I’ll talk to you later when you have your mood back.”

Pak Kom left his companion, who had had bad mood since this past two days, then, got inside the secretary room to type something, there are a lot of better things to do than talking to a robot, he mumbled to himself.

Itang was sitting on the bamboo chair at the terrace, with his foot folded on it, his back leaned against the hard bamboo and his gaze was pointed to who-knows-somewhere.

An invitation letter was hung on the wall, next to the green and black HMI logo, the identifying mark of Wisma Hijau.

That’s where all his sudden switch in mood begun.

He was supposed to know that it would happen one day, but at this moment he wasn’t ready yet. After for about three and a half years, he still thought that it was too sudden.

After for about three and a half years, he had known her well since their freshman year. The initiation campus was the first time he met her; a shy, graceful girl with a large veil covered her head and a big part of her upper body. They were gathered in a group of twelve with the number of female members was one third of the total ones. Well, it was faculty of Forestry, only a small number of girls would choose the majors there in the very first time in the university entry exam. A part of them who got there usually had relatives who had been involved in forestry field before as reference and the other part had no idea at all about what they would get themselves into there. Needless to say, it needed more than a strong body to experience the practices deep in the forest; three weeks in Getas and  two months in Sumatra or Borneo. No spoiled girls would survive in there, only the tough ones. So, all forestry girls were tough and wonderful. And among all those tough and wonderful girls in this faculty, she, Nadya Aurelia, was the most sparkling one in Itang’s eyes.

It wasn’t her fault if her performance caught everyone’s attention who ever met her. She had covered her figure with the real hijab. Her manner and attitude were perfect for a jilbaber. But her intelligence reflected through her two bright eyes, was something everybody couldn’t just ignore.

He had seen her very critical since the campus initiation. On every discussion sessions, she was active to throw her notions to forum and not the ordinary ones, but always the smart, dazzling ones.

Soon she became famous among their batch, and among the older batches and it brought her to join HMI’s Basic Training. Itang joined it also, for a reason he couldn’t truly explain, though he grew fond on this student’s organization’s community then.

How couldn’t he refrain from admiring her? But he kept his feeling for himself well. He knew a kind like her would never accept any non-Islamic concepts of man-woman relationships, like dating. The only one she would approve was marriage. And he was far beyond ready for that. Nevertheless to get steady in a marriage, he was still struggling against his not so good average point by studying over again some subjects. Even this semester he still had some Cs and one or two Ds to repair.

Once or twice, he ever thought the possibility of getting marriage before finishing college. It was a common discussion topic among HMI members. They even made it into seminar topic few times. But his thought always ended to the same conclusion. For him, personally, it was an impossible thing. How would he feed his wife and family if he still counted on his mother’s wage as rice field laborer, his only parent left, to pay his college fees? He still even had three siblings he had to care. No…no…he would always sheer off that thought away from him

And if Ilham, a senior of about three batches before him, had the chance to propose her before Itang did, none could blame him. As a senior he had passed the undergraduate degree faster, had earned a good job faster and thus he had started steady much faster too. He was an ex-Pak Kom of his time. Nobody doubted his qualifications as a future husband of Nadya Aurelia.

The first shock came to Itang one afternoon, few days ago. He was trying to collect his concentration on Mr. Long Tailed Monkey’s monologue before the class about the almost extincted Javanese eagle (hey, it wasn’t an insult! It’s how this professor proud to be addressed, as a remembrance of his doctoral dissertation on long tailed monkey creatures or Macaca fascicularis). But he failed, since almost all the other students in that classroom were busy talking among themselves. He only had to count the seconds when Mr. Long Tailed Monkey ended his monologue, like what he always did every times he was being ignored by the class.

So the lecture ended up ten minutes faster than it should and the students stormed out the classroom as fast as possible. He sighed, when will Indonesian students ever grow up? It’s not like his classmates didn’t know their professor’s habits. He knew they did it on purpose to make the lecture end faster. And they succeeded.

He stopped walking downstairs as his gaze met her figure walk the opposite direction as his.

“Assalammualaikum…” He greeted her first.

“Waalaikumsalam…Eh, akhi Itang…” She replied with a bowed head, like always every times she spoke to any males.

“Having a lecture?” He quietly stole a glance to her super sweet smile that was pointed to the floor.

“No, I’m going to the library.”

“Oh… Okay. I think I’m going to the faculty mosque. Assalammualaikum…” he was about to continue his walk, but…

“Eh, wait a minute, akhi…”


He saw her open her bag and emerge something that seemed like a thick colorful paper. She handed the thing to him and it was hung for few seconds in the air before he really accepted on his hand. He frowned as he tried to read the bold letters on it, “Wedding invitation? Who’s…”

“It’s me. Well, what a coincidence to meet you here. Would you like to give it to Wisma Hijau? I’d like to invite all commissariat’s members…”

If her gaze wasn’t pointed to her own feet, she was supposed to see the apparent shock that was drawn on his face. It was his luck that she didn’t know. “Why?!” Uncontrollably, that question escaped his mouth.


He realized his stupidity then, “I mean…why now? You’re still in the fourth grade, and haven’t passed the undergraduate program yet…”

“That’s not a problem. I want to avoid fitnah and adultery. I just want to do the thing right…”


That wasn’t difficult to guess, he was supposed to know. A kind like her would always have that answer. What could he say again now? Oh, puhlease…don’t get married now, at least not to that… that…who? How silly those words would be? Or maybe…would you wait for me and marry me after I finish this undergraduate program… He was lost in his own mind that he didn’t even hear her say good bye and wassalammualaikum and walk away from him.

He felt his feet limp as he walked to the faculty mosque with the invitation letter in his hand. He had thrown that bothering thing onto the table at Wisma Hijau terrace soon after he got there that afternoon. Pak Kom picked it up and read it fast. With a little sly grin on his face he looked at his batch mate and said, “Well, it seems you have to move quick. You only have less than two weeks…”

His choice of words surprised Itang, “What?! Move quick?! Two weeks?!” Does he know? Does it mean Pak Kom supports him to keep struggling and that that invitation letter isn’t the end of everything?

“Sure!” Pak Kom snapped, “You’re the LEMI director, remember?! You have less than two weeks before the wedding day to prepare the bus to get there. It is also your job to accommodate all HMI members who want to go there together with us, include the alumnus. Well, considering who the bride and the groom are, I think it will be a big project for us. Do it seriously. So, I think you better start to make the advertisement. And don’t forget about the bus hunting…I really hope you can find a proper one in agreeable price…We may earn some rupiahs for our cash flow if we’re luck.”

“Oh…” Itang dropped his back against the backrest of the bamboo chair, felt truly defeated. It was the second shock for him. Everything is really over now. The girl of his dream is going to get married to someone else and he is going to be the one who has to prepare the accommodation for all his friends to attend the wedding! What a fate!

The time he had between typing the advertisements and pasting them up on the advertisement board at the campus, or between the bus hunting and collecting names of the wedding attendee (which he did half hearted or even quarter hearted or even one tenth hearted), was supposed to be a time for reflecting his own self. But his brain was too worn out. All his reflection resulted as more pain to him because he kept thinking that he wasn’t a good enough person for not getting a girl as qualified as her.

Until the D-day came, he still didn’t succeed to console himself. He was too ashamed to talk to someone else and admit all what he felt. All his friends at commissariat never talked about love or broken heart. So, on the bus which was fully booked only few days after he pasted up the advertisement, which brought the group to attend the wedding, he pretended to sleep while all his friends with their childish cheers (yeah…he thought they really seemed like kindergarten kids who were going to have picnic at the zoo…) were busy talking about how the wedding was going to be held, the food they were going to eat and even about the possibility of how the future kids of the bridegroom would be someday, eeehkk…! Disgusting! He didn’t even want to imagine about that! He had thought some excuses not to go, but then he decided that he didn’t want to cause any suspicion among his friends. So there he was; stuck, trapped, tortured.


Shalawat badhar echoed inside the whole building as a group of men in white, with rebana in their hands, marched in line and came in. All the guests turned their heads to them; none ever wanted to miss the moments. And then they came in, the ones the guests were waiting for; the bride and the groom. Only him who kept avoiding watching every scenes there. He didn’t want to see her in wedding dress. He didn’t want to see her wed to someone else.

The moments which was supposed to run fast, moved very slowly before him like a slow motion in an action movie. Everything was seemed like being intended to insult him, to insinuate him, to rub it on his face that he was the looser. The ijab which was said perfectly by the groom burned his ears. He still had no guts to see the scene, too afraid if he would react into something embarrassing, like fainting. But he couldn’t help to see. So he would see them, for the last time, he decided. Finally, he lifted his sight from his shoes which became too interesting for him during that akad moment.


Nothing happened.

At least not the embarrassing thing he was afraid to happen to his feeble self. The bridegroom smiled, not the insinuating smile that he used to think they had for him. It was a pure one, something resulted from a relieve feeling that they had passed one sacred moment in their life, one prophet’s sunah. They were halal for each other now.

And suddenly Itang felt ashamed of himself. What had he thought before? There had never been any competition since the beginning. So if he felt to be a looser it’s because he lost against his own desire. Didn’t he always be the one who stole sights to her to enjoy her small adorable face? He knew it was forbidden, but…

“Remember akhi, Sayyidinna Ali said ‘the first sight is a bless, but the second is a sin’…” What a wise friend of his, Pak KMIK of the previous period, ever said to him one day flashed in his mind. Again, a shame feeling hit him, Astaghfirullah… Yeah…he had stolen too many sights and if he was now tortured with all these broken heart and negative feelings, he deserved it. It was his punishment.

Admitting to himself that everything was his own fault was a big help for him to relieve from all his burden. He felt better now, lighter…

Pak Kom had walked forth to hand over a trophy to the bridegroom, a present from commissariat, as the first to get wed among their batches. Everybody there gave them applause. He couldn’t help but join the cheer. Somebody pulled his hand to the corner of the building where various kinds of foods were laid out on large tables. Most of his friends had been there; busy to pinch off cakes, puddings, chickens or meats.

“Ya mus’ ty dis, ‘is so ‘reat…” Pak Kom suddenly appeared behind him with a plate of lamb satay and his mouth was full of it. ”The stand is over there.” He pointed to another corner where lots of stands of foods stood. There were lamb satay stand, soto kudus, siomay Bandung and many others.

“Wow, I’m so full, I think I’m not gonna eat anything again for a week…” Amar said while rubbing his belly in satisfaction, “But, there are still so many I haven’t tried yet…”

Itang wondered at his friends’ behavior. They were so carefree, without burden to care because they always considered all what laid before them as blessing.

“Come on Itang, you haven’t eaten a bit. I know you’re tired of all that bus hunting stuff. But don’t let it stop you enjoying all of this. Tomorrow we’ll face the real life again, where food is not free and fasting is one of the alternatives to survive.”Pak Kom said.

Amar helped him to take a plate from the pile and handed it over to his best friend. Itang accepted it, couldn’t help but felt touched by his friends’ attention. They might seem insensitive about what he felt during this last two weeks, but now he knew that it was because this love and broken heart things were not just their things.

He smiled, his first smile in two weeks. He would enjoy this day too, he decided. He might have not been fully recovered from his broken heart, but he would just let the time to help him heal. It was just the matter of time. And he had no reason not to be grateful to Allh for all the free foods laid before him. If he doesn’t get her as his mate, may be it’s because He prepares someone better for him. He only has to be a good person, because a good person will only mate to a good person too and on the contrary, bad person will only mate to a bad person. That’s the law.

Sure, his angel is waiting for him somewhere out there.


one night by Rantichan… November 24, 2008

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senja di sungai bulan

senja di sungai bulan

First, I have to do apologize for using the Wisma Hijau as the setting of this story and also for picking up some real names, especially Mbak Turi, in it. I hope nobody minds.

This story never really happens. I create some of the characters; Fadel, Itang, Amar and Hari. They do not really exist. It’s just fictitious!

Please feel free to send me critique and suggestion.


One night, Pak Kom struggled against something. What was it?


One Night

By Rantichan

As the clock on the wall showed that it was 10.15 pm, Fadel tried hard to close his eyes. He laid alone on his old mattress in his room, his hand as pillow and his pillow as bolster. It wasn’t late yet and it wasn’t his habit also to go sleeping so early. But there was nothing else he could do. Everybody whom used to be his discussion mates were gone; Aldi had been in Getas for two weeks for a PU or general practice, Itang had just left this morning for a KKN and probably would not come back before two months and Amar had gone to his hometown, Kebumen, since two days ago and there was still no sign of his return to their beloved Wisma Hijau. And so he was lonely, alone in a place he’d just moved in for the past a month.

If it wasn’t for his responsibility as the new elected Pak Kom, he wouldn’t be there, getting stuck in an old Javanese styled house which some parts of the wall were moldy and the roof leaked often under the rain.

For the sake of our HMI, Fadel, it has been a tradition for every elected Pak Kom to move to Wisma Hijau. We hope you’re ready and preparing yourself.” Fadel didn’t even remember the person who had said that. The moments of that RAK, when all HMI members of Forestry Commissariat gathered for responsibility reporting of the previous administrators and elected the next ones, had been so touchy. Everybody had hugged him one by one after he was elected, had congratulated him and had promised him to work together with all the strength they could muster.

He couldn’t hold back his tear, not caring that he stood before public eyes. It was half because of the proud covered his heart. He was elected! Of all the people there! Though organization of college student’s movement had not been so popular again, if we couldn’t say that it was faded, due to the new educational regulation which had been a big restriction to it, it still gave him a great proud to be the elected as Pak Kom. HMI was once one of the greatest college students’ organizations in Indonesia wasn’t it? And many famous names in Indonesia; Akbar Tanjung, Prof. Suhardi, Prof. San Afri Awang, used to be HMI members when they were in college, didn’t they? He asked himself if someday he would ever have his name written with golden ink like them.

The other half was because he was fully aware that a great responsibility now waited for him. With the slack of the student’s movement recently, it would need an extra work hard to run his leadership within the organization. What if he failed? He closed his eyes and threw away an imagination of a failure. It wasn’t something impossible that a reporting responsibility of an administration period was rejected in RAK. It DID happen in HMI of Forestry Commissariat’s history.

Thus, he said goodbye to his cozy fancy dorm room in Swakarya then, where all the comfortableness of a far away from home college student was available for him. He had managed to bring some of his stuffs from his old room. But his new place was too old that his stuffs wouldn’t be any helps at all to change anything. Other old stuffs were piled everywhere, most from the ex- occupants who left them as “inheritance”, but he thought it would be more appropriate to be called…em…piece of garbage?

A chill shivered down his spine when he first entered at the house as an occupant. It never happened when he came there as a guest to attend the commissariat’s program. There was a strange aura inside there, a mystical like one, something he couldn’t explain. Was it probably because of the oldness of the building or something else…? He didn’t want to think about that.

But on his mattress that night, he again thought about the weirdness he experienced when he first time entered at that house. Something he had almost forgotten if only…he were not alone.

But of course, the more he tried to avoid thinking about that, the more that thought annoyed his mind.

The other occupants in that house didn’t help him at all. Story by story were told from time to time.

The famous one was the oppression experience happened to some of Wisma Hijau ex-occupants.

Oppression often happened to the new occupant of this house, so be ready. It’s a kind of welcome greeting.” Itang said on a free evening discussion one day, at the Wisma Hijau terrace.

What are you IMPLYING by that?! Don’t scare Pak Kom that way,” Aldi replied and threw a deadly glare to his friend, “Don’t worry, Pak Kom, it won’t happen if you do not forget to pray before you go sleeping.”

But I believe it really happens in certain places,” Another discussion member stated, this time it was an akhwat, from Kohati. “I experienced oppression a lot when I was still in my old dorm room in Karangmalang, but it really only happened in THAT room. When I moved to another room then, it never happened again.”

I agree with you. You know, in Getas Campus, oppression only happens in room number seven.”

Yeah! You’re right. When I had my general practice in Getas, all my friends in room number seven got oppression almost every night. Poor them, thanks God I got room number nine.”

Ahh! Bullshit! Oppression is a phenomenon of blood circulation disturbance. It’s the truth, through a medical perspective. All you have to do to avoid it is by keep practicing your body regularly. Have sports, with a trained body you’ll be healthy and your blood circulation will be good too. And you’ll never have any oppression.” Hari, a ‘permanent guest’ of Wisma Hijau, who always came there almost everyday after classes and went to sleep in his own dorm room in Karangwuni after 9 or 10 pm, suddenly entered at the discussion as he climbed down his motorbike and sat down on an empty space of the bamboo chair there.

Hey! Don’t be so arrogant! Wait till you experience it by yourself!”

You have to try spending night sleeping here, and you’ll find that this oppression thing isn’t bullshit.”

Yeah! Yeah!” The others cheered up.

And the conversation kept flowing as Fadel had his mouth shut and sweat dropped on his forehead, but he would not let anybody know that he was…

He was…em…frightened…eh…thrilled by such a story.

The oppression story was one thing, and the ghost story was another one.

It was probably because of the oldness of the house, or probably because of something else hard to explain, but it was true that he wasn’t the only one who thought to feel the mystical aura inside there. How could somebody explain an appearance phenomenon?

Since that time, he always made himself busy to forget about the story. Luckily, it had been tradition for the occupants of Wisma Hijau to keep awake as late as possible. There was always way to keep their eyes opened wide at night; discussion, discussion and discussion. It was part of the process to form the cadres’ characters and it had happened from generation to generation. They didn’t always talk about serious things. One to be called ‘the after 9 pm discussion’ was even often needed to be…ups…censored! Oh, don’t worry, there’s nothing bad about it! It’s only that their cheeks would blush in embarrassment, if Kohati ever heard about it! Fadel often fell asleep without he was even aware that the conversation still went on.

Unfortunately, it didn’t happen tonight.

Tonight he was alone, with no friends to have discussion, with nothing to do, not even an assignment to bother him.

For the first time in his lifetime, he wished he had an assignment to do; Economic Analysis of Forestry Projects, Social Forestry, or whatever so he wouldn’t keep awaking with his mind racing about irrational things.

He told himself again; oppression had nothing to do with mystical thing, it was a blood circulation disturbance; and ghost was only a pathetic human illusion, it was never real, it DID never exist.

But he hided his face under his cover, which happened to be a sarong, when suddenly a strange noise was heard from his room. His ears and mind worked in concentration; examining, analyzing.

It was the voice of the door opened and steps; stepped lightly on the plastic carpet above the cement floor of the…of the…Wisma Hijau hall; stepped directly toward…his room.

Who…or what it could be? He was sure he was alone there at that time.

As if his sarong wasn’t enough to cover his face, he grabbed a pillow quickly and buried his head under the old little stinky thing tightly.

He wished the dawn would come soon, he promised himself that he would not wake up late tomorrow morning and that he would have his Subuh on time at Istiqomah mosque.

His wish came to be a lullaby which soon lulled him to a short dreamless sleep because his biological need woke him up sometime during the night.

Oh my God! He needed to pee now!

He needed it so badly that he thought he would not survive to wait till the dawn came.

The strange voices weren’t heard again but something refrained him from going to the toilet soon.

The toilet was placed far away at the back side of the house; there was a long hall, a longer parking room and a kitchen he had to walk through if he wanted to go there. He glanced at the clock and couldn’t help to feel disappointed; the dawn was still long enough to come; it was still few minutes past midnight now.

He knew he wasn’t supposed to be afraid; Allah protected all creatures who prayed to Him.

With a Bissmillah, he started walking through what seemed to be a dark, never ending hall, parking room and kitchen. Hey! He didn’t even remember that he had turned the lamps off!

But, Alhamdulillah, he finally succeed to get to his destination and released his urgency. He hummed happily as he exited the toilet with relieve feeling. See, nothing’s bad gonna happen if we believe in Allah, really believe.

He laughed of himself for his stupidity. What a ridiculous thing! He couldn’t refuse an imagination of himself if he failed to overcome his fright. He would have peed on his underpants, wouldn’t he?

He slapped his own forehead lightly as he headed back to his room. But after only few steps, he stopped dead in his track.

A short figure emerged from the dark. However he tried hard to adjust his sight in the darkness to see what the figure was, the only thing his eyes could catch was that this figure had its hair messed up like bird nest.

What kind of creature was that?

Shouldn’t an appearance only show up in a blink of eye or in a split of second? Why did this one seem to do so long?

It seemed like walking closer towards him, and though his pride didn’t allow himself to express his fear, his nature couldn’t refrain from…


The scream split the night, luckily, it was suppressed enough that anyone who ever happened to hear would just ignore it as if it were part of their dreams, and they would just adjust their covers back to sleep.

Fadel ran as fast as possible back to his room, not hearing the grunt the creature let out behind him.

What a very shocking experience. Inside his trembling body, he still managed to get himself under control. Istighfar and istighfar soon flew out through his mouth as he adjusted his rushing breath under his cover again in fetal position.

He was exhausted by his fright and shock and finally driven to sleep as his breath started steady.

The dawn found him awake as adzan Subuh from Istiqomah echoed inside his room. Rubbing his eyes with both hands, he got up and headed towards the mosque on foot.

He still needed sometime, however, to manage his mind and to analyze what’s really going on that night. And so he stayed longer than usual at the mosque, contemplated between his dzikir. Had he been overreacted? He recalled what a friend ever said, “If we believe in a myth more than we believe in Allah, Satan will help us to materialize our thoughts. Like when we believe that a genderuwo lives in a big tree, we’ll really see it popped up sometime. Satan does it to make us think that the myth is really true and so we get closer to him and thus, without we are even aware, we’ll really be away from Allah.”

Astaghfirullah… Was that what happening to me?” He mumbled.

Doubt was vanished now, and mind was clear. Sighing, he got up from his sitting position and came back to Wisma Hijau.

The sun started to rise in the east and the morning was bright enough that he didn’t need too long thought to recognize the person who was sitting on the bamboo chair at the Wisma Hijau terrace, still in his sarong while reading yesterday newspaper.

“Amar! Assalammualaikum! I didn’t now you’re back!” He hurried up his steps to greet his friend and took a seat across his after shaking hands.

“I came back last night. I got a trouble with the bus so I arrived here very late. I didn’t bother to wake you up because I saw you sleeping very soundly under your sarong and pillow last night.”

A slight of pink tinted Fadel’s cheeks in embarrassment, “Oh…” So, Amar was the one whom he heard walking towards his room last night…

“And Mbak Turi told me about the incident happened between you two last night. She said sorry for surprising you. She didn’t mean it.”

Mbak Turi? Oh, well, he completely forgot about her.

As the blush on his cheeks grew deeper from light pink to red, a short figure they were talking about, the owner of Wisma Hijau building, showed up from the east side of the house with a broom in her hand. She was doing her morning routine; sweeping the yard.

Fadel lost his words. Mbak Turi, though her curly hair was now tied into a neat pigtail, not messed up like a bird nest again; she had the same height as the figure he met last night. How couldn’t he recognize her that time?



Jogjakarta, November 2008


Qurban November 22, 2008

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Hampir setiap tahun teman2 HMI selalu mengadakan kegiatan dalam rangkaian peringatan hari raya Idul Adha, yaitu menyalurkan hewan qurban baik dari kanda,yunda alumni maupun kader yang berqurban di daerah yang terpilih. Berikut beberapa foto yang dikirim Ardian, yang menggambarkan aktivitas ini. Apakah tahun ini akan mengadakan aktivitas sejenis? teman2 pengurus komfak yang dapat menjawabnya…

mutilasi sapi

mutilasi sapi

sholat Ied

sholat Ied



Pengurus Komfak 2008/2009 November 22, 2008

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yang ada di foto ini absen ya….

Salam HMI – Shorea Nada November 17, 2008

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Ada yang beda di generasi Komfak angkatan 1993 – 1997. Pada masa ini terbentuk group nashed Shorea Nada yang digawangi Mukti Aji’93,Oon’94, Yudi’95, Navis,Hemar,safi’i, Khotim,Dhofir (semuanya angk 96), Salis’97 dan crew lainnya sempat lumayan terkenal di komunitas HMI Jogja dan sekitarnya. Beberapa kali pentas untuk mengisi acara pengajian dan hajatan pun telah dilakukan…tinggal masuk dapur rekaman saja yang belum sempat…Coba anda semua dengarkan lagu Salam HMI yang dinyanyikan Mukti Aji ini di link ini http://f1.grp.yahoofs.com/v1/UPogSdzejo5SGKJ8YXWdq98UCapmjvzuJaFL2F2gKJIgkgeEaGduPVwtwivG0kQCXptpxF4dIcmrjX4PoR0UAQ/Salam_HMI.wav

Berhaji ke Baitullah November 14, 2008

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Makan Malam di rumah Pak Hardi (sekarang Ketua Umum Partai Gerindra)

1990: Makan Malam di rumah Pak Hardi (sekarang Ketua Umum Partai Gerindra)

Mas Adji Anjono, Mas Zuhri Munawar, dan Mas Junaedi Maksum, Insya Allah berangkat memenuhi panggailan Allah ke rumah-Nya, beribadah haji pada tahun ini. Semoga menjadi haji mabrur dan mohon didoakan agar kami-kami yang belum berkesempatan pergi haji segera dapat menyusul berhaji ke tanah suci. Labbaik Allahumma labbaik….



2011: Finalisasi Pembentukan KPH, Mungkinkah?….by Teguh Yuwono November 12, 2008

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2011: Finalisasi Pembentukan KPH, Mungkinkah?? ?

Berkaca dari Pembentukan Houtvesterij di Jawa


Oleh : Teguh Yuwono, S. Hut., MSc.[1]


Apabila kita tengok sejarah pengelolaan hutan di Indonesia–khususny a pengelolaan hutan jati di Jawa–sebenarnya kita mempunyai succes story dalam pembentukan KPH, meskipun bukan dalam definisi Kesatuan Pengelolaan Hutan tetapi dalam definisi Kesatuan Pemangkuan Hutan (Houtvesterij dan Opper-Houtvestrij) . Sebenarnya apabila dikaji secara akademik konsep KPH (Kesatuan Pengelolaan Hutan) yang digagas dalam PP No.6 Tahun 2007 jo PP No. 3 Tahun 2008 ini secara kualitas masih dibawah dari rancang-bangun konsep Houtvesterij yang dirancang oleh Bruinsma tahun 1892.

Salah satu alasan mengapa kualitas Houtvesterij lebih baik dibanding konsep Kesatuan Pengelolaan Hutan karena selain dalam Houtvesterij merupakan sinergi antara konsep Planning Unit dan Management Unit, Houtvesterij sebagai Kesatuan Pemangkuan Hutan berupaya mengakomodasikan subsistem kehutanan dengan  sub sistem sosial dimana kalau dicermati dalam suatu KPH selain mencakup kawasan hutan juga mencakup kawasan non hutan (wilayah administratif desa, kecamatan, atau kabupaten). Sayangnya, sampai dengan saat ini banyak rimbawan Indonesia yang tidak memahami secara utuh apa dan bagaimana konsep Houtvesterij (Kesatuan Pemangkuan Hutan) ini diimplementasikan dalam pengelolaan hutan di Jawa.


Houtvesterij & Oper Houtvesterij

Konsep Houtvesterij yang dibuat oleh Bruinsma merupakan konsep pengelolaan kawasan hutan dengan pembentukan Planning Unit (Boschafdelling/Bagian Hutan) dan manajemen organisasi pengelola hutan (organisasi teritorial) yang efektif dan efisien. Dalam konsep Houtvesterij tersebut kawasan hutan ditata, dipetakan dan diinventarisasi, dan diekspolitasi secara swakelola sehingga tindakan pengelolaan hutan dapat dilakukan lebih intensif. Secara garis besar ada dua organisasi pokok dalam konsep Houtvesterij, yaitu: PLANNING UNIT; bertugas mengendalikan/ mengontrol kelestarian hasil (berupa standing stock), dan MANAGEMENT UNIT; sebagai organisasi pengelolaan hutan berfungsi untuk mengendalikan keuntungan finansial perusahaan. Antara konsep planning unit dengan management unit saling berdiri sendiri (terpisah dan mandiri), dan tidak ada yang menjadi sub-ordinasi dari yang lain, akan tetapi keduanya bersinergi untuk mencapai kelestarian hasil dan kelestarian perusahaan.

Konsep Planning Unit diimplementasikan dilapangan dalam bentuk Boschafdelling, cap centra (pusat tebang) dan petak. Sedangkan implementasi konsep Management Unit dilakukan melalui pembentukan organisasi  teritorial kawasan mulai dari level Mandor di tingkat petak, Boschwagter di tingkat RPH, Opsiener/BoschArchi tec di tingkat BKPH, dan Houtvester sebagai pimpinan suatu Houtvesterij. Secara garis besar hubungan antara Boschafdelling, Cap Centra dan Petak adalah a). Boschafdelling adalah kawasan untuk menjamin asas kelestarian hutan melalui penetapan besaran etat baik etat luas maupun etat volume; b). Cap centra adalah implementasi pelaksanaan kegiatan teknis kehutanan yaitu kegiatan tanaman, pemeliharaan, maupun tebangan sebagai penjabaran besaran etat luas dan etat volume secara kontinu dan berkelanjutan dengan mempertimbangkan kemampuan mandor, ketersediaan tenaga kerja dan ketercukupan biaya; dan c). Petak berperan sebagai unit manajemen dan unit administrasi terkecil dari implementasi asas kelestarian hasil, dimana penerapan etat harus mempertimbangkan lokasi areal yang kompak dalam suatu petak (atau anak petak).

Seiring dengan berjalannya waktu dan kebutuhan organisasi dimana adanya perkembangan industri kehutanan yang membutuhkan pasokan bahan baku kayu secara kontinyu, konsep Houtvesterij mengalami perkembangan dengan lahirnya konsep Opper Houtvesterij, yaitu penggabungan Houtvesterij- Houtvesterij dengan tujuan kelancaran supply bahan baku log untuk industri pengolahan kayu. Alasan penggabungan tersebut untuk meningkatkan efisiensi pengelolaan. Setelah dilaksanakan analisis finansial, supply kayu untuk industri tersebut tidak mampu dipenuhi dari satu Houtvesterij, sehingga lahirlah gagasan penggabungan (opper Houtvesterij). Pembentukan Opper Houtvesterij saat itu lebih menekankan pada efisiensi pengelolaan dan kelancaran supply log ke industri, dan belum mempertimbangkan aspek wilayah administrasi pemerintahan, sehingga ada overlapping antara wilayah Opper Houtvesterij dengan wilayah kabupaten,


Tahapan Pembentukan Houtvesterij

Berkaca dari pengalaman Pemerintah Hindia Belanda dalam membentuk Houtvesterij di Jawa, sebelum memulai tahapan pembentukan houtvesterij, salah satu tahapan penting yang dilakukan oleh Belanda adalah penetapan kawasan hutan negara melalui Domeinverklaaring dalam Agrarische-wet (UU Agraria) tahun 1870. Akan tetapi yang tidak boleh dilupakan oleh kita semua adalah, sebelum menetapkan Domeinverklaaring, selama beberapa dasawarsa Belanda terlebih dahulu melakukan proses sosial untuk “menaklukkan” hak ulayat dari penduduk asli di Pulau Jawa melalui pendekatan metode Blandhongdiensten (Dinas Blandhong). Setelah hak ulayat tersebut berhasil diselesaikan dengan baik, barulah Belanda mengumumkan dokumen Domeinverklaaring tersebut.

Secara garis besar, kegiatan penataan hutan dalam pembentukan Houtvesterij di Pulau Jawa dapat dibagi menjadi tiga tahap yaitu tahap penataan hutan jati produktif, dilanjutkan penataan hutan jati yang kurang produktif, dan yang terakhir adalah penataan hutan di hutan lindung. Pada penataan pertama tersebut tentu saja diperlukan biaya yang besar karena semua kegiatan baru pertama kali dilakukan. Sebelum enam kegiatan di atas dilaksanakan, pada penataan pertama dilakukan pekerjaan-pekerjaan sebagai berikut:

Pembuatan batas kawasan hutan, yang sebelumnya telah ditetapkan dan dipetakan dalam register kawasan hutan yang bersangkutan. Register batas kawasan hutan ini dilakukan sebagai tindak lanjut keluarnya Domeinverklaaring tahun 1865.

Penetapan kawasan hutan yang akan menjadi satu kesatuan unit perencanaan yang dinamakan Bagian Hutan (Bosch Afdeling). Luas Bagian Hutan dibuat sekitar 4800 – 6400 ha, tetapi ada beberapa yang mencapai lebih dari 10.000 ha. Setiap Bagian Hutan diberi nama dengan menggunakan nama-nama yang terkenal di daerah tersebut, baik nama desa, bukit atau tempat-tempat yang mempunyai arti khusus.

Pembagian kawasan dalam Bagian Hutan yang telah diberi batas tersebut menjadi beberapa blok. Batas antar blok ditetapkan sebagai alur induk, diberi tanda-tanda yang bersifat permanan. Alur induk ini akan berfungsi sebagai jalan utama untuk mengangkut hasil hutan maupun transportasi bagi setiap kegiatan pengelolaan. Lebar jalan untuk alur induk adalah 6 m, dan semua alur induk diberi nama dengan huruf kapital, mulai dari A alur induk pertama sampai alur induk yang terakhir.

Pembagian seluruh kawasan Bagian Hutan ke dalam petak (compartment) yang luas normalnya berkisar antara 40-70 ha, walaupun di beberapa tempat ada pula yang sampai 80 ha.

Batas antar petak juga berupa jalan yang dibuat permanen, disebut alur cabang; lebar alur cabang adalah 4 m. Semua petak diberi nomer urut yang juga bersifat permanen, untuk keperluan administrasi dan pembayaran upah tenaga yang melaksanakan pekerjaan di petak yang bersangkutan. Pemberian nomor petak dimulai dari barat laut, berurutan mengikuti arah jarum jam dengan menggunakan angka Arab.

Semua alur induk maupun alur cabang diberi pal-pal hm untuk menyatakan jarak setiap 100 m. Akan tetapi di lapangan pal hm biasanya dipancang untuk tiap jarak 200 m demi kepentingan penghematan biaya penataan. Setiap pal hm diberi nomer, dengan nomer nol (0) dari TPK (tempat penimbunan kayu) yang akan digunakan untuk menyimpan kayu hasil dari Bagian Hutan yang bersangkutan. Pal hm di seluruh alur induk dan alur cabang dicantumkan dengan ketelitian tinggi di atas peta kerja skala 1:10.000..

Melakukan pengukuran dengan ketelitian tinggi terhadap alur induk maupun alur cabang. Berdasarkan hasil pengukuran tersebut dibuat peta Bagian Hutan dengan berbagai skala untuk bermacam-macam kepentingan pengelolaan. Dengan peta tersebut dapat diketahui panjang alur atau jarak suatu petak dari TPK. Setiap petak diketahui luasnya, sampai ketelitian satu angka di belakang koma.


2011: Finalisasi Pembentukan KPH, Mungkinkah?? ?

Berkaca dari perjalanan pembentukan Houtvesterij dan Opper Houtvesterij (Kesatuan Pemangkuan Hutan) yang dilakukan oleh Pmerintah Hindia Belanda yang membutuhkan waktu yang cukup lama, terus terang penulis cukup pesimistis dengan target yang dicanangkan oleh Departemen Kehutanan menyangkut kegiatan Pembentukan KPH yang dirancang selesai dalam tempo 3 tahun atau sampai dengan bulan Februari 2011. Melihat kondisi riil yang masih terjadi di lapangan, dimana masih banyak terjadi tumpang tindih peruntukan kawasan hutan, belum selesainya proses penyusunan Rencana Tata Ruang Wilayah Propinsi/Kabupaten Padu Serasi, dan setumpuk permasalahan konflik tenurial yang belum kunjung terselesaikan sangatlah berat untuk menuntaskan pekerjaan pembentukan KPH ini.

Kondisi ini masih ditambah dengan permasalahan di internal kehutanan menyangkut implementasi KPH seperti masih beragamnya penafsiran konsep KPH karena  seringnya  perubahan isi PP yang mengatur tentang KPH mulai dari PP No 34 tahun 2002 yang direvisi dengan PPNo.6 Tahun 2007, dan belum genap setahun sudah direvisi lagi dengan PP No. 3 Tahun 2008; lemahnya pengalaman lapangan, dan kapasitas petugas kehutanan dan/atau institusi kehutanan dalam mengimplementasikan konsep KPH; belum sinkronnya proses pengambilan kebijakan antara Pusat dengan Daerah; dan keterbatasan anggaran dana yang tersedia.

Sebagai contoh nyata dari belum mantapnya rancang bangun pembentukan KPH yang digagas oleh Deparemen Kehutanan ini dapat dilihat dari pengalaman pembentukan KPH(P) Yogyakarta. Meskipun  sudah didukung dengan instrumen dan pranata di lapangan dalambentuk penataan kawasan hutan sampai ditingkat petak dan diakui oleh semua pihak, akan tetapi semenjak ditetapkan oleh Menteri Kehutanan pada akhir tahun 2007 sampai saat ini pembentukan KPH Yogyakarta belum tuntas, masih berkutat dengan pembentukan organisasi dan tata hubungan kerja antar instansi.

Oleh karena itu berkaca dari pengalaman dalam pembentukan Houtvesterij oleh Belanda dan pembentukan KPH Yogyakarta, sebaiknya Departemen Kehutanan tidak harus mematok target waktu pembentukan KPH harus selesai dalam waktu 3 tahun ke depan. Akan tetapi, Pekerjaan Rumah yang perlu segera dilakukan oleh Departemen Kehutanan dan institusi kehutanan di daerah adalah menyiapkan kondisi awal menuju pembentukan KPH yaitu penyelesaian masalah kepastian kawasan hutan baik dari aspek legal melalui penyelesaian RTRWP/K padu serasi maupun pendekatan sosial-kultural dengan kelompok masyarakat adat/lokal setempat. Setelah pranata tersebut siap barulah tahapan pembentukan KPH dapat diimplmentasikan di lapangan.




Doa untuk Deny…. November 12, 2008

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Innalillahi wa inna ilaihi rojiun….Deny Rusdianto, rimbawan muda angkatan 1998 yang bekerja di Taman nasional Wakatobi pada tanggal 7 November kemarin telah meninggalkan kita semua kembali kepada-Nya. Kecelakaan di laut ketika sedang snorkling mengantarkan tamu-tamu yang mengunjungi tempat kerjanya menjadi akhir perjalanan hidupnya yang penuh warna dan dinamika. Mukti Aji,Pak Kom Angkatan 1993, membuat doa khusus untuk mengenang kepergian Deny.

Do’a buat Deny yang telah menggugah ke-UGM-anku setelah 7 tahun bekerja hanya asik dengan ke-diri-anku.

Ya Allah, aku bermohon pada-Mu
dengan rahmat-Mu yang meliputi segala sesuatu

dengan Kekuatan-Mu yang dengannya Engkau taklukkan segala sesuatu
dengan keagungan-Mu yang mengalahkan segala sesuatu
dengan cahaya wajah-Mu yang menyinari segala sesuatu
Dan dengan wajah-Mu yang kekal setelah fana segala sesuatu
Ya Rabbi … Ya Rabbi … Ya Rabbi…
Apakan Engkau akan melemparkan keneraka wajah-wajah yang tunduk rebah karena kebesarab-Mu?
lidah-lidah yang dengan tulus mengucapkan ke-Esaan-Mu dan dengan pujian mensyukuri nikmat-Mu?
kalbu-kalbu yang dengan sepenuh hati mengakui uluhiah-Mu?
tubuh-tubuh yang telah biasa tunduk untuk mengabdi-Mu dan dengan merendah memohon ampunan-Mu?
Wahai Nur,
Wahai Yang Mahasuci.
Wahai yang Awal dari segala yang awal.
Wahai Yang Akhir dari segala yang akhir
Ampunilah baginya, dimalam ini, disaat ini
semua nista yang pernah dia kerjakan
semua dosa yang pernah dia lakukan
Ampunilah semua keburukan yang telah Engkau suruhkan malaikat mencatatnya


Maha suci Engkau Ilahi
ia merintih pada-Mu dengan mendambakan rahmat-Mu
ia menyeru-Mu dengan lidah ahli tauhid-Mu
ia bertawasul pada-Mu dengan rububiah-Mu

Wahai Pelindung-ku
Bagaimana mungkin ia kekal dalam siksa padahal ia berharap pada kebaikan-Mu
Mana mungkin neraka menyakitinya
padahal ia mendambakan karunia dan kasih-Mu
Mana mungkin Zabaniyah menghempasnya padahal ia memanggil-manggil -Mu
Ya Rabbi … !


Wahai Junjunganku
kumohon kepada-Mu dengan kemuliaan-Mu
janganlah Kau halangi doaku pada-Mu

karena kejelkan amal dan perangaiku

Wahai Yang Maha Cepat ridha-Nya
Ampunilah orang yang tidak memiliki apa pun kecuali hanya doa

Mulwo 11 & Karanggayam 78 November 12, 2008

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Sekretariat HMI Komfak Kehutanan bisa jadi merupakan tempat kedua yang paling banyak dikunjungi para pegiatnya setelah kampus. Bagi yang tinggal dan mondok di komfak ceritanya bisa lain lagi. Tercatat setidaknya 2 (dua) tempat yang pernah dan masih menjadi sekretariat komfak. Mulwo 11 adalah tempat yang pertama. Bagi pegiat angkatan sebelum tahun 1992 pasti sangat familiar dengan tempat ini. Mulwo 11 terletak di Jalan Kaliurang Km 5,5, Gang Mulwo nomor 11 di dusun Karangwuni. Letaknya cukup strategis karena tidak jauh dari Jalan Kaliurang dan dekat dengan Masjid Al-Ittihad.

Pada tahun 1992 di era kepengurusan Mas Sapardiyono, sekretariat komfak berpindah ke Karanggayam CT VIII nomor 78. Tidak terlalu jauh dari Mulwo, hanya saja tempatnya lebih masuk ke dalam. Sampai sekarang karanggayam78 masih menjadi sekretariat komfak dengan segala dinamikanya.